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ConvUnit Converter - Pro Unit Conversion

4.2 ( 1472 ratings )
Forfatter: Ujjawal Wadekar
1.99 USD

ConvUnit is a unit converter and calculator designed with simplicity and beauty in mind.

We created ConvUnit because we just weren’t satisfied with any other unit converter in the App Store.

Once you try ConvUnit, you’ll see how much thought and effort went into making it so intuitive and efficient to use.

√ Simple, elegant user interface
√ Built-in calculator… no need to switch to the Calculator app
√ Unit calculations
√ A simple way to set and get to your favorite units
√ Copy & paste to save you typing

√ lenght
√ area
√ volume
√ mass
√ density
√ volume flow
√ gas flow
√ speed
√ pressure
√ torque
√ viscosity
√ and many more..

ConvUnit enables you to easily perform complicated unit calculations…